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Why Should Consumers Set Up Wireless Networks?

Computer networks were once used primarily by businesses. Homeowners typically had a single computer to take care of mundane tasks and to communicate with others. Today, the plethora of devices adorning homes runs the gamut from multiple computers to gaming devices. Each device has its own use, but is designed to communicate using a wireless [...]

Using The Internet To Find Love And Improve Your Game

A lot of people are now turning to the internet to find love.  It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable to meet a significant other on a dating site, as more and more young people are doing it.  It seems to be easier to find someone who matches your interests through these sites, although many [...]

Freely Thinking: Learning New Languages

Learning new languages is not an easy task.  If it were an easy task, then everyone would be multilingual.  However, despite the obstacles you can still learn a foreign language.  The key to learning a new language is to get a great learning suite of software, and ensure that you’re making goals towards the usage.  [...]

How’s The Time?

As the seconds till 1985 ticked away last night, the thought arose that for most people, they weren’t ticking at all. Clicking, maybe, softly, as numbers flipped over on digital clocks. For all the bands and bells, the seconds, minutes, hour and year changed silently, thus marking New Year’s milestones in both high tech and [...]

Freely Thinking Again

Welcome back from our deep hibernation.  We hope you haven’t missed us too much As we get rolling again we’d like to point your attention to the fact that we will be expanding on more than we used to: in fact, we hope you don’t find our selection of topics overwhelming.  That said, enjoy!